April 2022


You are a spirit and your spirit is filled with God’s holiness and you are in right standing with God even though your mind may not be at times. Maybe your body does not want to agree but your spirit is always in line with God. You might not feel like it and you might not act like it; but your born-again spirit is amazing. This is the word of God; who He foreknew He predestined, He justified and He glorified to be conformed to the image of Jesus – so Jesus is the prototype of how our lives should look.

  • God called us to be movers and shakers for Jesus. You may have bad days and weeks or even months but your spirit is resilient, it is not fragile. You may be overshadowed with thoughts and feelings of defeat, you may be dealing with life issues or mistakes or think you missed it. But your spirit is the same today, yesterday and forever because it has the nature of God which makes you mighty in the Lord.
    • Jesus called us to be champions for God; He lives inside us which makes us super conquerors. (Romans 8:31, 37 CJB) As you become more connected to and live more from your spirit; you will be able to hear and respond to God guiding you in your daily life and yes, in those difficult situations.
    • What do we say to our government that wants to take our personal freedoms and micro-manage our medical and family decisions? What shall we say to these things? We say that God is for us and that we will obey God rather than man or government who comes against God.
    • We are champions already because our spirit is brand new, totally transformed into the likeness and image of God Himself. When you start identifying with that part of yourself (your true identity), rather than your emotional ups and downs; you begin to realize that no matter what, if God is for me nothing in the world is going to prosper against me.
  • Your identity must be who you are in Jesus in your spirit. Your regenerated spirit is made new and your soul is in the process of getting saved. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Your body will never be saved until you die, are deposited into the earth and raised from the dead.
    • You are still the same physically; you still look the same and in many ways act the same. What does it mean that all things are made new? In many ways you think the same although there is some change nonetheless; your spirit is Born-again, regenerated into the image of Jesus Christ and it does not sin.
    • As we allow God and His word to live through us our soul is now in the process of getting restored due to what is happening inside our spirit. (James 1:21 KJV) We take the living Word engrafted in us and choose it to prevail over all the lies and deceptions that come against us in this world. We can then turn and place our focus on Jesus and Him living inside us rather than what people say and the sounds of the world that bombard us. That is how you change your paradigm, you focus on who you really are and then you can do all things through Jesus.
    • If you do not understand this, you will not understand the Bible because God is talking to you. He is speaking about our born-again spirit and God speaks directly into our spirit being. He is not communicating to your mind, feelings or emotions; He is talking within our spirit which has the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:13-16) Your spirit has the discernment of the Holy Spirit which can literally see because your being is filled with light. Your spirit sees and hears and feels everything that God has for us – He speaks directly to your spirit.
  • Every day God is talking to your spirit. Everything in the Bible is always referring to our spirit first and then everything else follows. Your spirit is made new and there is never any sin in your spirit.
    • Your spirit is made brand new. Your spirit can never sin, because it is God’s nature in you. (2 Peter 1:2-4) Our spirit will be affected, it can be hindered and wounded by sins we commit and although our spirit cannot commit sin; any sin we commit can grieve the Holy Spirit and our spirit.
    • Even if you sin physically or emotionally that does not mean that you lose your salvation. To lose your salvation means that you would have to reject who Jesus is.
    • This does not mean we just go out and sin, but it means that Jesus already paid the price for our sin so when we repent, turn our hearts and minds back to God, He forgives us. We all fall short in different areas but if a lamb falls into a mud hole that does not make it a pig. You are still a born-again Christian washed in the blood of Jesus, sanctified by the Holy Ghost. We can always return to that place of living in harmony with our born-again spirit and with God because He is always faithful to restore us.


When we become born again we now have a brand new spirit and many things about us change as God delivers us from darkness. It is from our eternal sinless spirit that the process of salvation for our soul is worked out as we walk with the Lord. God speaks to us, leads us and matures us. He is always talking with our spirit. Our identity is already in Jesus even though we may be bombarded, Jesus inside us will never be moved. Being born-again means that you already have the victory and heaven is your eternal home. Here and now we have the great One living in us and we are here to share His love so others can know who God is and who they are created to be.